Healthy Pets, Happy Wallets

You're already a great pet parent, why not get rewarded for it?

Your vet care just got a big upgrade

Save hundreds of dollars on vet care

Earn cash rewards that can be spent on any veterinary clinic invoice

Track your pets at your fingertips

Veterinary recommendations and education personalized for each your pets 

Peace of mind with 24/7 Vet Support

Is this urgent? Chat or call with our veterinary experts for any questions or concerns 

How does it work?

Snap a picture of your veterinary clinic invoice.

Earn rewards by completing your pet's health checklist.

Spend those rewards on your next visit to the veterinarian

Eliminate guesswork through a personalized care plan

At sign-up, each of your pets receives a tailored health checklist from your veterinarian.

Better yet, we track progress with each invoice that you upload and magically update your list for you. 

The more you care, the more you earn

We pay you for completing items and these cash rewards can be used on any future vet visits, for any invoice. It’s that simple.

With 24/7 support every step of the way

Is this normal or urgent? We have you covered with unlimited chat and call support from our vet experts.

Save time, stress, and avoid unnecessary emergency fees.

Care that will make you jealous of your pet

Members can earn over $200 each year per pet towards their care at their local veterinary practice.

Here are just a few examples of how.  

Earn rewards with each visit at participating clinics


Annual Visit

Cash Back

Flea & Tick


Cash Back



Cash Back

Total Spend


For each $250 spent

You have access to 24/7 pet helpline and can connect to a vet and/or if you're about to google yourself scared you can also email a vet questions and get a response in 24 hrs. I highly recommend this service.

Mabel's Mom

I just wanted to say my boyfriend & I were a little skeptical before signing up (seemed too good to be true), but I am already super impressed with the service and user-friendliness so far!

Tank's Mom

Join our growing pack 

Simple, Affordable, Transparent Pricing

Two months free!



Unlimited Pets

Unlimited Vet Support

Earn every visit

Cancel Anytime

Month to Month


Unlimited Pets

Unlimited Vet Support

Earn on every visit

Got questions?

Are you ready to become a member?

What if I have multiple pets?

$5/month price is per member -- we cover all of your pets! One membership gets each pet their own checklist, earns rewards and, your vet support covers all your pet

What's your cancellation policy?

Cancel anytime with no cancellation fee! You just lose your unclaimed rewards.

Can I transfer rewards between pets?

You can use rewards for any of your pets. If a pet passes away we store your points for 2 years for reactivation with any new pet.

Can I donate my rewards?

Yes! If you think you’re not going to use your rewards, you can donate them to support vet care for pets in need.

Is there a limit to vet support?

There is no limit! We don’t want you up late worrying, so feel free to call or chat with our vet experts 24/7.