Happy Birthday Lexy! Make sure your golden years are filled with more cuddles and less worrying. Save money on veterinary care, earn rewards, get support for just $9.99/month

It's my party and the sky's the limit.

How does it work?

For her 13th birthday, Lexy is partnering with Yaletown Pet Hospital and GoFetch Health to raise awareness about senior pet health & funds for Charlie's Pet Food Bank!

Yaletown Pet Hospital will be donating $20 to Charlies Pet Food Bank

By signing-up before March 1st and receiving bloodwork & urinalysis for your geriatric pet at Yaletown Pet Hospital:

$20 will be added to your GoFetch Health reward balance

GoFetch Health will reimburse that past visit as part of your membership 

Membership has its benefits.

Earn Rewards

Earn cash back rewards for keeping your pet healthy and happy by following vet recommendations

See any vet, at any clinic

After visiting your vet, simply take a photo of the invoice and get the exam fee reimbursed  in <24hrs

Chat with our vets 24/7

Get expert advice on your pet's health & symptoms via chat or phone. Avoid unnecessary expenses and improve care

Care that will make you jealous of your pet

Members get 2 free exams per year. Go in when you need to, and see the vet you want.

The Most Affordable Way to See Your Vet

Chat or call our vet team for anything from late night emergencies to nutrition advice.

Support Anytime, Anywhere 

We gather your pet's medical records, track visits, and keep you on top of everything important.

More Cuddles, Less Phone Calls

Members earn veterinary rewards that can be spent on their pet's care. We are constantly adding new ones to help people save $$/

Earn rewards  to spend on veterinary care

People who love their pets are loving GoFetch!

"You have access to 24/7 pet help line and can connect to a vet and/or if you're about to google yourself scared you can also email a vet questions and get a response in 24 hrs. I highly recommend this service”.

Mabel's Mom

“I just wanted to say my boyfriend & I were a little skeptical before signing up up (seemed too good to be true), but I am already super impressed with the service and user-friendliness so far!”

Tank's Mom

One Plan. One Price. Total Peace of Mind

GoFetch Health keeps things simple. No deductibles. No applications. No “pre-existing condition” clauses. Just better access to vet care … for the price of 2 lattes a month.  


Unlimited 24/7 vet support - Chat and talk directly with our vet team

No unnecessary visits - Know when to go in with our vet's help and guidance

2 free vet exams/year - Reimbursed up to $100 per visit 

Get cash back on ANY vet visit - Including emergency & speciality exams

One plan for all your pets - Share the exams between all your pets

Helpful pet profile - Access to your pet's medical history and important info

I still don't get it .  How is this different from pet insurance? 

No worries! We are doing something brand new so it can be hard to wrap your head around at first, but we promise it's simple.

GoFetch Health memberships are designed to cover every day vet expenses. Pet insurance doesn't usually cover exam fees and is designed to cover unpredictable care needs.  By focusing on providing owners with access to vet support and lowering the costs of the vet visit, we help make your expected vet care simple and affordable. Our membership can complement your pet insurance or work as a standalone option.

Why do you only cover exam fees? Also, what's an exam fee anyway? 

The exam (consultation/visit) fee is a base cost that is charged for every vet visit. This fee can be a big barrier to bringing your pet in, and many people delay care because they worry the vet will charge them $100 just to tell them their pet is just fine. We wanted to eliminate this barrier, and make sure more pets get the care they need.  Between our 24/7 online support and covered exams, you always have the answers you need, and we prevent countless unnecessary visits.

And by splitting up the yearly cost of preventative care into a small monthly fee, we make it easier to budget for your pet's health care!

But wait, this sounds too good to be true?

You caught us. We think this plan is pretty awesome and that members get a tremendous amount of value. Preventing one unnecessary visit to the emergency clinic can save owners $$$$. Here is the thing, better pet health is good for everyone, including your vet. We partner with local veterinary clinics to be able to offer this modern experience to their clients and in exchange we get discounts on the exam costs that we pass on to you. Vets save time and energy knowing that their patients are getting the help they need both inside and outside the clinic and pet parents receive the digital support they want without having to change vets. Plus, most importantly, pets are healthier.

Still got questions? We've got answers.

Say 👋 in the chat for any other questions. We love meeting new 🐶 & 😸

We're passionate about pets and the people that love them

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